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Setting up a framework for the Global Goal on Adaptation: Progress made in Botswana and proposals


Pilar Bueno Rubial, Anand Patwardhan, María Luz Falivene Fernández, Joel Gonzalez, Victoria Laguzzi, Susana Zazzarini & Carolina Passet

This report provides a state of play after Botswana ́s workshop. At the same time, and based on our previous report, a traffic light exercise assesses the degree of convergence or divergence of positions on the issues that would potentially be included in the GGA decision this year. Compared to the previous report, further elaboration has been done for some of the issues to better understand the points where positions still need to be brought closer together.

The aim of our report is to support the consultation process prior to COP28 in order to achieve the best possible outcome in Dubai for a long-discussed issue that still faces methodological, empirical, conceptual and political challenges (UNFCCC, 2021), but which is essential for accelerating and scaling action on adaptation.