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Key Political messages GGA Framework

Key political messages to support an ambitious decision on the Global Goal on Adaptation at COP28


Pilar Bueno Rubial, Anand Patwardhan, María Luz Falivene Fernández, Joel Gonzalez, Victoria Laguzzi, Susana Zazzarini & Carolina Passet

UNFCCC COP28 is a turning point to show global leadership on adaptation, not only because risks and impacts continue to increase as global warming intensifies, but also because soft limits to adaptation have already been reached and avoiding hard limits can result in fewer losses and damages. However, the window of opportunity for both mitigation and adaptation is becoming narrower.

We need a shift to accelerate transformative action if we are to achieve climate-resilient development. But the absence of a global framework to scale action and support protecting people, livelihoods, and ecosystems puts us at risk of investing in maladaptive pathways and counterproductive initiatives. The GGA framework aims to provide a political and methodological tool that can offer high-level targets, equipping us to assess progress.