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Proposal of decision text GGA Framework


Pilar Bueno Rubial, Anand Patwardhan, María Luz Falivene Fernández, Joel Gonzalez, Victoria Laguzzi, Susana Zazzarini & Carolina Passet

In Sharm el-Sheikh, Parties adopted Decision 3/CMA.4 which decided to initiate the development of a framework for the global goal on adaptation with a view to adopt it in Dubai (COP28). This proposal of decision text seeks to contribute to the efforts of groups, Parties and relevant stakeholders involved in the discussions as well as those interested, to fulfill this mandate at the prompt deliberations in Dubai.

This draft decision text includes headings to clearly identify key considerations for a decision on the GGA and its framework, including: preamble (A); taking stock of the GlaSS (B); establishment of the framework (C); elements of the GGA framework (D, E, F, G, H, I, J); further work (H and K); linkages with the GST (L); the role of other stakeholders (M); and budgetary provisions (N). While the headings are intended to be eliminated in the decision, they serve to guide the negotiations.