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Technical Paper. UAE Framework for Global Climate Resilience: key outcomes of COP28 and pathways towards COP29 and COP30

Authors: Pilar Bueno Rubial, Anand Patwardhan (University of Maryland), María Luz Falivene Fernández , Joel González, Victoria Laguzzi, Susana Zazzarini & Carolina Passet

With the completion of the two-year Glasgow-Sharm el-Sheik work programme providing the space to share views and proposals to operationalize the Global Goal on Adaptation, at the United Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP28, the Parties reached consensus on a Decision, which launched the UAE Framework for Global Climate Resilience.

This report aims to analyze the key outcomes of Dubai in relation to the GGA, provide insights about the continuation of the work concerning the new mandates for the UNFCCC bodies, including the modalities of the two-year work programme for developing indicators from UAE to Belém, as well as to explore examples of indicators based on existing work under other international agendas and main challenges and opportunities during 2024 and 2025 negotiations.

At the same time, we seek to encourage debate in the adaptation community, in order to foster participatory practices in addressing and determining the indicators that are key to achieving — at least — one of the functions in the purpose of the framework, on reviewing the progress.